Web Development Guide: What to Expect In 2018

Web development is a challenging process and it involves a lot of complexities. Web development has evolved greatly over the years especially the end of 2017. In the previous year, we have seen many advancements and improvisation influencing the industry. Due to which developers are striving to incorporate measures that can create and bring innovations in the development process. To help you make your year 2018 a prosperous one, let’s dig deep into the trend list summarized below:

Progressive Web Application

Now a trend has it the market that has created much buzz around the world. This is nothing else than OWA these are a kind of apps that one can access through browsers. Through your browser, you can type in the query of the rand and the server will navigate you to the web app. It is similar the general application but it does not require any downloading or support from a particular platform.

Animation to Increase the User Experience

To help improve user experience developers are incorporating little-animated features to guide and instruct the viewer. Animation help to create a bond between the brand and its customers. Instead of boring transition, you can add a pretty dancing figure to hold the attention of the view for the time your site takes to load a page. Animation also ensures to control the bounce rate.


The rapid fame of bitcoins has somehow overshadowed the wonders of Blockchain technology. The Blockchain is used to transfer data in the form of a small block that is decoded by the other end to acquire the information it was carrying. This highly confidential method of transferring data is used by many bans worldwide. It provides a great level of security from invaders and scammers. However, Blockchain is seemed to make its way into the world of website development where customer’s information will be secured highly and there will be no fear of any scam too.

AL-Powered Bots

Creating strong bonds with customers is upon the mind of every single marketer. Today, measures are taken that can ensure more engaging customer experience. AI-powered bots are bots that work on the algorithms of artificial intelligence and help marketers provide quality customer support services to their valued clients. From helping them to make favorable decisions to presenting a personalized searching experience, these bots are designed to work like a human brain. They learn frothier past conversation and gather information about buyer’s persona as they interact with customers from time to time.

To Wrap Up

Due to such a rapidly growing technology and improvisations, highlight market it is recommended to see assistance from an expert Website Development Service in UAE. You will not be able to compete for the tough environment of web development industry unless you have a strong foundation to compete. A professionally developed ensures greater lead generation and more potential customers. Therefore, get in touch with a professional and enjoy double folds on investments.